Foot creams

DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream

Protects from bacterial and fungal infections, heals and softens the skin

  • Dry footstep skin with high risk of bacterial and mycotic infections
  • DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream provides antibacterial and antimycotic protection and prevents further infection. It is enriched with natural components which promote healing of cracks and softening of the footstep skin.
DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea

Removes dry calluses and corns, moisturizes skin intensely

  • Very dry skin, dry calluses, rubs, hyperkeratosis.
  • DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea contains urea at high concentration - 10%. It provides safe and effective removal of calluses and rubs.
DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream

Decreases excessive cornification, prevents calluses and cracks appearance

  • Extremely dry and rough feet skin
  • DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream effectively nourishes, moisturizes and softens skin, reduces excessive cornification, calluses and cracks. Variety of natural ingredients normalizes metabolic processes of the skin and provides proper cells nutrition.