DiaDent REGULAR Mouthwash

DiaDent REGULAR Mouthwash

Everyday oral health care for patients with diabetes. Decrease in local immune system, bad gums regeneration, high risk of ca...


Anti-inflammatory and regenerating Phyto-Complex (Extracts of Rosemary, Camomile, Horsetail, Salvia, Nettle, Balm Lemon, Hops , Oats) has an antiseptic, soothing effect, strengthens gum tissues.

Antibacterial component (Triclosan) provides antibacterial protection.

No alcohol

To be used every day, not less than two times per day. To achieve maximal effect, using in complex with DiaDent REGULAR Mouthwash is recommended.

1. CLINICAL TRIALS of Individual Oral Hygiene ProductDiaDentREGULARMouthwash (DiaVit® product group). Centre of Therapeutic Dentistry,Department of Therapeutic Dentistry,Pavlov State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

2. CLINICAL TRIALS of DiaDentREGULARMouthwash (DiaVit® product group) on patients with diabetes (type 2). Diabetic Dental Care Centre, City Dental Clinic №7, Samara

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