Intertrigos and irritation of skin creases

Antibacterial complex (Zinc Oxide and Tea Tree Oil) provides antibacterial and drying effect.

Regenerating complex (Allantoin and Essential Oil of Lemon) normalizes the protective function of the skin.

Anaesthetic component (Mentha L. Oil) calms grated and inflamed skin, giving a feeling of coolness.

As necessary, apply a small amount of cream in areas of minor skin damage

1. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH REPORT: Evaluation of clinical efficiency of DiaDerm Body Cream – Talc on patients with diabetes. Department of Dermatovenerology and Clinical Mycology,Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Moscow.

2. CLINICAL TRIALS of DiaDerm creams (DiaVit® product group)on patients with diabetes. City Diabetic Centre, Samara

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