Clinical efficiency of DiaDerm Body Cream – Talc, Medical Academy

Conducted by: Department of Dermatovenerology and Clinical Mycology,Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Moscow.

Purpose of the research: evaluation of the efficiency of Cream – Talc on patients with diabetes suffering from excessive sweating and intertrigos.

Selected individuals: 20 diabetes (types 1 and 2) patients between the ages of 1 and 67. 12 male and 8 female subjects.

Clinical presentation: nonspecific inflammation that developed because of contiguous skin parts friction. Typical localization sites: creases under mamma, axillary creases, inguinal folds, interglutial crease, belly folds. Erythema was detected during the examination. Patients complained about itching, skin tenderness and hypersensibility in affected regions. All patients were thoroughly examined to exclude mycotic and bacterial infections.

Materials and Methods used during the research:

  1. Measurement of functional skin indexes (humidity, elasticity, pH)

1.1 Skin hymidity (electrical conductivity) measurement was performed according to Corneometry Method.

1.2 Skin elasticity measurement was performed using Cutometer Method and scored in %

1.3 Skin pH measurement was performed with flat glass electrode

  1. Evaluation of skin capillary blood microcirculation was conducted using Flowmetry Method (noninvasive method of blood flow speed measurement)

Dates: 2007, January – May


  1. The treatment resulted in significant decrease in skin moisture level. Observed increase of skin acidulation level created unfavorable condition for infection development. Improvements in skin elasticity and normalization of skin capillary blood microcirculation were stated.
  2. All subjects noted the usability of DiaDerm Cream – Talc and pleasant feeling while applying. The significant drying effect appeared after 1-2 applications according to subjective patients’ observations. Unpleasant feelings of itching, skin tenderness and hypersensibility ceased in 2-3 days of treatment.


The research demonstrated the high efficiency of DiaDerm Cream – Talc against intertrigos on patients with diabetes.

The given product possesses significant drying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. DiaDerm Cream – Talc can be recommended for the wide use in endocrinology and dermatology as a treatment of excessive sweating and intertrigos and prevention of mycotic and bacterial infections in patients with diabetes.