Clinical trials DiaDerm creams in City Diabetic Centre, Samara

Conducted by: City Diabetic Centre, Samara

Purpose of the research: evaluation of the clinical efficiency and safety of usage of DiaDerm creams on patients with diabetes.

Selected individuals: 123 diabetes (types 1 and 2) patients between the ages of 32 and 76 were divided into seven main groups and one placebo-control group in the following way:

1st group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream;

2nd group (21 subjects) applied DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream;

3rd group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Regenerating Cream;

4th group (20 subjects) applied DiaDerm Hand and Nail Cream;

5th group (21 subjects) applied DiaDerm Cream – Talc;

6th group (21 subjects) applied DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea;

Placebo-control group (27 subjects) consisted of healthy people of the same age as the people in the main groups.

The whole group consisted of 28 male and 95 female subjects.

Materials and Methods:

  1. Clinical: anamnestic data, examination (visual examination of feet skin condition, intensity of hyperkeratosis, existence of cracks)
  2. Skin humidity measurement was performed according to Corneometry Method.
  3. Sebum secretion measurement was performed according to Sebumetry Method.

Dates: 2011, June-August


  1. DiaDerm Softening Foot Cream is recommended for very dry and rough feet skin care. It removes skin dryness and peeling, restores the skin protection, improves regeneration processes, promotes heel cracks healing.
  2. DiaDerm Intensive Foot Cream, 10% Urea is recommended for dry calluses and rubs removal. It effectively softens the horny skin layer, possesses the keratolytic effect, improves metabolic processes.
  3. DiaDerm Protective Foot Cream is recommended for mycotic infections and skin ulcers prevention at patients with diabetes. It normalizes the skin protection function.
  4. DiaDerm Regenerating Cream is recommended for improvements in healing processes in areas of minor skin damage: sites of insulin injections, finger punctures for blood analysis. It improves the regeneration of epidermis, restores the skin protection.
  5. DiaDerm Hand and Nail Cream is recommended for very dry hand skin care.
  6. DiaDerm Cream – Talc is recommended for skin prone to intertrigos care. It possesses drying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Can be recommended as a treatment for excessive sweating.

Applying the whole DiaDerm products grants the maximal efficacy of the treatment.